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Good question.  But were you satisfied with the answer?

When investing in a new suit I would say it’s not only a good question, but also a necessary one to ask your tailor.

As I peruse websites, blogs, and talk to many tailors, I tend to hear the same answer to the posed question.  It usually has to do with the process, time, labor, canvassing, or even the fit.  All good answers but  not complete.

I almost never hear tailors talk about the one thing that’s most visible, which is also the greatest factor in the price of the suit… the cloth.

Now I would like to introduce you to the finest woolen maker in the world, HOLLAND & SHERRY.

HOLLAND & SHERRY,  founded 1836 in London, England, has been the premier cloth maker for the very best Bespoke, Custom, and Off the Peg suit makers around the world.  Best known for their wool tweeds and flannels, here’s a bit about their cloth:

“The wool has characteristic crimp and elasticity, creating unparalleled style, drape, comfort and performance for the wearer. The handle and luster is of exceptional softness and kindness to the touch, unlike any other fiber.” -HollandandSherry.com

To see our extensive collection of Holland & Sherry cloths, please visit us at our shop.  You will finally have a complete answer to your very important question.

-Jonathan E. Preston

Written by Lisa Cohen — September 11, 2013

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