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So you finally decided to invest in a suit-most likely for some type of special occasion. Maybe it was a job interview, a wedding, or maybe even a funeral. The point is, you got the suit.


The suit gives you two essential pieces to building a great wardrobe for any time. You have a jacket that’s been tailored to fit you perfectly (and frankly probably makes you look better than you normally do) as well as trousers that have been tailored the same.   So the question is, “how can I continue to wear this thing?”


First, start simple. Throw on your favorite pair or jeans, your favorite T-shirt and instead of putting on sneakers, try those new dress shoes you just bought. Lastly, toss on that jacket and you’re ready to go. The tailored fit of the jacket just made everything else look brand new while still keeping it casual.


Or, try the opposite. Keep your favorite T-shirt and swap the dress shoes for a great pair of sneakers. Finish it off with the trousers and add a simple winder coat or sweater.


If you want to get more advanced you can start adding some pieces of “icing” to the look. Try a nice scarf, a hank, or better yet, a cool lapel pin to add some color and texture to the jacket. You can layer these looks using sweaters over T’s or vest over your jacket.


Stop by the shop for some personalized help on getting more out of your suit. You’ll be glad you did.

-Jonathan E. Preston

Written by Jonathan Preston — September 27, 2013

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